Alexa Bach

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Principal, Bach-McElrone Consulting

Alexa is the founder and owner of Bach-McElrone Consulting, which provides world-changing entities with the strategy and communications tools needed to build authentic, sustainable communities. Services include: branding and communications, capacity building, entrepreneurship coaching, program design, strategic planning, and sustainability advisory.

Alexa is a communications specialist, business advisor, and sustainability coach. She helps her clients translate environmentally- and socially-responsible missions into profitable, authentic businesses that give back to the community. Her work spans the spectrum from helping to design a sustainable city in the Middle East, to directing the marketing program for an ultra-boutique Napa winery, to guiding the communications strategy for a global nonprofit building sustainable communities.

Diverse experience as a business advisor, communications specialist, policy analyst, and conservation biologist enable her to translate between disciplines, to wear many hats, and to orchestrate authentic, groundbreaking solutions. Alexa is a published author on Amazon, has ghostwritten for heads of state, and her work has been featured alongside Thoreau, Steinbeck, and the United Nations.

• Master of Environmental Management/Sustainable Development, Duke University     • Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland                                                           • Certificate, Nonprofit Business Management Duke University, Durham, NC, 2004

In-country experience: Australia, The Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Ecuador and the Galápagos, Madagascar, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates