Narrative informs, inspires, and catalyzes…

The social and environmental problems we face today are so large, so complex, and so swiftly moving, that they can lead to feelings of confusion, despair, and helplessness. What’s too often missing is context — the kind of understanding that takes the chaos of raw events, facts, and trends, and puts them in a perspective that clarifies, encourages, and inspires action.

That’s what we founded Luminous Ground to do:

“Luminous Ground supports analysis of and solutions to the current global problematique, including its environmental, social, evolutionary, and spiritual aspects, and develops narratives and other strategies to catalyze a just, humane, and sustainable future.”

So what does that mean? It means looking beyond partisan arguments to the science. It means looking beyond the shallow concerns of the moment to the deep currents of history and evolution. It means looking beyond the looming dangers on the horizon to the creative potential which underlies all life. It means looking beyond darkness and doubt to the “luminous ground of being,” the courage and creativity of the primordial light of emerging consciousness. And it means remembering, as Carl Sagan said, “that pale blue dot . . .  the only home we’ve ever known.”